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Paper QSL


Dear radio-friends.

Effective from April 2, 2018, I have changed my policy about paper QSLs.

All previous QSO worked before April 3, 2018 is exempt and QSL cards for these are sent to those who may wish.

The policy is:

  • I will use LoTW as my primary QSL system.
  • I do not need your paper QSL card IF our QSO is uploaded to/confirmed on LoTW.
  • If you really need my paper QSL, please use Clublog OQRS (See the “ClubLog OQRS page).
  • It will currently be possible to choose between delivery via bureau or directly by mail.
  • Bureau delivery is free, but bare in mind it can be very slow (½ to 2 years).
  • OQRS directly by mail, the fee to cover postage is 3.5 USD, payment via PayPal.
  • If you are unable to use the OQRS system, send me an e-mail with the QSO data, then delivery via bureau. OR
  • Send me your QSL card directly to my QRZ.COM address, including 4 USD or 3 EUR.
  • A SAE would be nice too and shall be minimum size C6/162 x 114 mm (6.5 x 4.5 inch.).
  • Avoiding IRC’s, as I can’t use them in Denmark anymore.
  • My EDR QSL bureau service is still open for receiving QSL the normal way.
  • SWLs can use the bureau, direct mail (4 USD or 3 EUR) and eQSL. 100% reply, if the report is a QSO.
  • Regardless the above. I will always reply any QSL I receive, regardless of the delivery method.


Note: There is 50 cents discount if you order QSL via Clublog OQRS.


My log(s) will usally be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL daily, usally between 21.00 – 23.59 UTC.

At the same time upload to Clublog and QRZ.COM logbooks.

Direct QSLs (mail or OQRS) will be answered within a weeks time.
Bureau QSL cards are send to EDR QSL bureau every 3rd month (January, April, July and October) OR when I have at least 100 cards to send.


So why now these changes?
There are many reasons, here is a few:

  • My stock of professionally printed QSL card are at zero level.
  • Preserve the forests and save the resources.
  • LoTW is easy, cheap, fast and reliable.


My new QSL cards will be homemade and printed out on my printer, but only to the extent that there is demand.


Postage prices in Denmark:

Currently the postage is DKK 27.00 for a standard letter (max. 50 grams = 3-4 std. QSL cards) to any country outside Denmark.
At today’s exchange rate it is around 4.20 USD or 3.62 EUR.

This means, unfortunately, that I am compelled to require at least 4 USD (greenstamps) or 3 EUR enclosed with your QSL as return postage for direct QSL.


As of JULY 1st, 2017 the Danish Post has discontinued ALL sales and redemptions of IRCs.

So please, NO IRC’s, I can’t use them.

If your letter contains IRC or less than 4 USD/3 EUR, I’m forced to reply via the bureau.


I can only recommend that all radio amateurs join Logbook of The World (LoTW).

It is free to be registered at LoTW, only one time expense is for the postage for the letter to ARRL containing a copy of your license certificate and the ongoing cost of your Internet connection.