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April 24, 2016

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Direct QSLs


From July 1, 2016, the Danish postal service has (again) raised the postage for letters abroad.

DKK 25.00 for a 50-gram letter. At today’s exchange rate it is around 3.6 USD.

This means, unfortunately, that I am compelled to require at least 3 USD (greenstamps) enclosed with your QSL as return postage for direct QSL.

The Danish postal service will not accept IRC unless you live in Copenhagen or major cities. Since I live on Bornholm Island, far from the big cities, I CAN NOT accept IRC’s as payment for the return postage.

So please, NO IRC’s.

If your letter contains less than 3 USD or IRC’s, I’m forced to reply via the bureau.

I can only recommend that all radio amateurs join Logbook of The World (LoTW). It is free to be registered at LoTW, only one time expense is for the postage for the letter to ARRL containing a copy of your license certificate and the ongoing cost of your Internet connection.

Due to the newly relocation to a new QTH and unfinished business at the old QTH, I will be a bit on and off regarding radio and handling QSLs.

If you send your QSL directly by postal mail it might be that I’m not able to handle my mail for a month or two. Please have some patient about my reply of your card(s). I WILL reply directly send QSL cards, don’t worry.

When my daily life is back to normal, direct QSLs will be answered within a week or two.


This applies to QSL cards for my own call signs, as well for call signs where I am QSL-manager.