60 m band


I’m active on the 60 m band now and then, with all 3 call signs.

Mostly in CW, but also in domestic Danish SSB QSOs.

Danish hams are NOT tied to channels, but can use all frequencies between 5250 kHz and 5450 kHz as VFO band and as secondary users. Secondary users means that hams has to QRT or QSY if there is any primary user traffic.

Danish hams may use any mode and up to 1 kW output power on 60 m, depending on the type of their license.


Worked countries on 60 m:


Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway, Svalbard, Sweden, Iceland, England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Croatia, Hungary, Spain, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Portugal, Azores, Israel, Kuwait, Germany, Western Sahara, Ukraine, Andorra, Macedonia, Maldives, Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Oman, Belgium, Ceuta & Mililla, Liechtenstein, Poland, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Aland Is., Finland, San Marino, Market Reef, Luxembourg, Italy, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Malta, France, Jersey Is., Lithuania, Serbia, Greece, Sardinia, Turkey, East Malaysia, Austria.

Channels on 60 m:


Denmark, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago and Samoa:

All frequencies between 5250 kHz and 5450 kHz (VFO band).


Other countries:

See the full updated list for channels on 60 m:  Click here

Link: The 60 m website : www.60metersonline.com