Silent Period Clock


Maritime Radio Silent Period Clock for your Windows PC.

A small application for any (?) Windows platforms displaying a Maritime Silent Period UTC Clock.


Can be set up in different colors and layouts.

The application is FREEWARE.











Bug fix:
If you start the clock application from another application, e.g. your logbook system, it MIGHT BE that the clock application can’t find the data-file (option.dta), and starts up with the default values.
It’s now fixed, so the data-file always will be searched in the clock application’s folder, no matter which name the folder are given.




(The ZIP-file contains the manual too).


Install: After download open the zip-file and COPY ALL or UNPACK ALL the files to a new ORDINARY folder anywhere on your PC (name the folder as you like), and be sure that all files are in the same folder.
Make sure that OPTION.DTA is NOT Write Protected, which may happen if you place the folder/files in Program Files.

Run the OPTION application (option.exe) and setup the clock, then save and exit.
Run the Clock application.
Adding shortcuts will make it easier.

The clock will always be on top and show the time in UTC, no matter which timezone your PC are set to.

If you change the setup while the clock is running, changes will be effictive after re-starting the clock application.